The cooperative
La Ginestra was founded in 1978 by a group of enthusiastic young men and women who formed a Cooperative, with the goal of preserving and renewing the traditions of the Tuscan countryside. Established on a farm that had been abandoned for decades, it took its name from the beautiful yellow bushes of wild broom that at the time filled even the uncultivated fields.
Many years of hard work went into recuperating the land and restoring the houses: today the farm stretches across 128 hectares, divided between fields, pastures, woods, and olive groves.
The choice of organic farming was a natural one: since 1989 we’ve been using eco-compatible methods of production, without any synthetic chemical substances, in accordance with EC regulations and the certification standards of authorized agencies. This allows us to obtain safe, genuine products and protect the environment from pollution.

Our project continues to grow in many directions. In order to share our experience with others, we are a member of many organizations and consortia whose goals are similar to ours (Conapi, Alce Nero & Mielizi , Agriturist).
Our activities
Our many spheres of activity:
Beekeeping producing 7 varieties of single-flower honey. We also produce and sell queens and swarms and either propoli (a natural antibiotic) and bee wax.
Breeding of porks raised in optimal, free-range conditions, where the pigs can forage semi-wild.
Cultivation of spelt, tender wheat, naked oat, barley destinated to produce cereals and integral and white meal. Since few years we practice the field rotation agricolture.
The wine production wasn't present at the beginning, we introduced it only six years ago. Now we have 5 hectares of wineyard: we planted 5 different species of vine: S.Giovese, Cabernet, Merlot, Colorino e Canaiolo. From theese fields we produce our red wine and our Chianti "Colli fiorentini" La Ginestra 2006.
Oliviculture producing the unmistakable kind of extra-virgin olive oil that comes only from the Tuscan hillsides. This product has the de nomination of IGP Toscan oil.
Arboriculture making the most of marginal terrain for the production of quality lumber.
Agriturismo hospitality and dining.
Guided tours of the farm for schools and interested groups.
La Ginestra - Società cooperativa agricola
Via Malafrasca 216, 50026 San Casciano in Val di Pesa, Firenze, Italia - C.F. e P.IVA: 01470720481 | | 0039.055.8248196